2015 Real Estate Forecast

According to an article on CNBC.com next year is going to be a great one for Real Estate. 

It’s all about jobs, oil prices and interest rates that translate into more money in consumers’ pockets and more confidence.

With gas prices declining it’s not only padding people’s pocketbooks, it’s fueling consumer confidence.  Any factor that positively impacts buyers monthly budgets makes them feel better about buying a new home.

First time buyers will increase and boomers will have an impact in regions where they plan to spend their retirement.

It will be the first year of everyone getting back into the game, including those who lost their homes to foreclosure.  People who lost homes in 2008 will begin to hit the seven-year point where most default events fall off their credit report and these people will try to find their way back to homeownership.

Even if interest rates rise, with rent going up faster than the interest rates buying is going to be the best alternative.

To see the full article Real Estate Pro’s 2015 Forecast from CNBC: http://www.cnbc.com/id/102290355#

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