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About The Kiper Team

Debi Kiper is the Team Leader / Broker of The Kiper Team. As a Real Estate Professional for over 20 years, she has the experience and knowledge to handle any real estate transaction from Residential to Commercial. Debi got her start in the City of St. Louis and hasn't stopped expanding her areas of expertise since. She now Lists/Services Properties in St Louis County, Jefferson County, Franklin County, Lincoln County, Washington County and St Charles County. She entered the Real Estate Profession within the Re/Max System and has never left. Her first year in real estate she won the Executive Award and in the years following she has earned an award each year for her accomplishments. These awards have been in; the 100% Club Award, Platinum Award, and in 2012 was one of two agents in the Midwest who earned the Chairman Award!!! Debi's dedication to her clients and profession constantly demands continuing education to keep up with the ever changing world of Real Estate. Debi continuously attends classes and seminars and travels the country attending Real Estate Seminars. This has become ever more important in the changing world of Real Estate in the past few years. Because of her desire to stay on top of the Industry Debi has become one of the Top Experts in foreclosures and short sales in the St. Louis market. In order to further assist her ever growing client base, Debi created The Kiper Team. The team structure allows for the combination of skills and experience of multiple agents. Each agent has their own place in the team, but the team functions as a whole. This team structure allows us to provide the highest level of knowledge and customer service available in the industry. We also constantly implement new procedures as well as using tried and true methods to provide the most for our clients. We take pride in selling and closing properties quickly. This dedication to our clients' needs has lead to many life-long friendships.

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Step 9 – Closing The closing process is also known as settlement.  Closing brings together a variety of parties who are part of the transaction.  At closing, transfer taxes must be paid and other claims must be settled (including closing costs, legal fees and adjustments.)  In most transactions the closing agent also completed the paperwork […]

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Step 5 – Choose a Home Choosing a home and making an offer is both exciting and a little scary.  If your offer is accepted, the place you’ve chosen will be your home for the next several years.  You not only need to feel emotionally satisfied, but financially comfortable that you’re buying a home that […]