For Sale By Owner 10 Things to Ask Yourself.

Below are some of the many questions that homeowners have to ask themselves before embarking on this endeavor without a professional. It’s much more complicated than just putting an ad in the paper and showing your house and having someone buy it. There are a lot of key elements that help get your property out there so that others can find it. Non-realtors sometimes have no access to Very help stategies and marketing tools.  There are on for seen obstacles that might arise that you overlooked or just don’t know about.  you would essentially cut out on average about 6 percent of commission for the sale of your home but that still doesn’t guarantee the sale of your home, nor does that mean you wont have to spend money to market it yourself.

Here are 10 questions to ask yourself.For Sale By Owner 10 Things to Ask Yourself. For Sale By Owner 10 Things to Ask Yourself. for sale by owner

for sale by owner (FSBO) 

1. Do I have the time to make and attend appointments during the day or during normal business hours and every weekend?

2. How do I know if these potential buyers can qualify for my home?

3. Am I aware of the legal documentation that should accompany a contract?

4. How do you pick a title company, and who is supposed to pay their fees?

5. What if the buyer backs out of the contract?

6. Can I sell my home for market price without using a Realtor®?

7. What coverage do I have if the buyer sues me a year after closing?

8. Is it worth having a home inspection before putting the house on the market?

9. Who does the home warranty really protect?

10. Will I really be saving the real estate commission if I try to sell myself?

For Sale By Owner 10 Things to Ask Yourself. For Sale By Owner 10 Things to Ask Yourself. price

This information was pulled from 2009 statistics








So is independent home selling right for you? Perhaps it’s best to look at the question this way: Do you have the time and energy to take on a part-time job that pays roughly 6 percent of the selling price of your home?

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