Opportunity Knocking For Home Buyers

Opportunity Knocking for

Many Buyers,

But Timing is Key

Consumers considering a home purchase

should take advantage of the current environment


Many media reports about trends and developments in the housing market are on a national level and don’t capture what’s happening in individual communities across the country.

As St. Louis local real estate market conditions continue to evolve, savvy consumers rely on the guidance of real estate professionals who are immersed in the industry. With their insight and experience in their local markets they add real value in today’s dynamic real estate environment.

Opportunity Knocking For Home Buyers Opportunity Knocking For Home Buyers house for saleAs inventories rise, many buyers have increased negotiating power, but are unsure of how to structure the best deal. Sellers need help positioning their homes in a competitive marketplace and in attracting and engaging serious buyers.

The percentage of consumers surveyed who are more likely to hire a Realtor® has risen from 51 % in 1999 (the first year of the survey) to 64 % in 2006.

In some parts of the country, it is the best time to buy a home since 2001. Homebuyers should act before their window of opportunity closes, and sellers need to think about how to prepare and market their home effectively. Calling a Realtor® is the best move people on either side of the real estate transaction can make.

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