The Team Concept in Real Estate

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The concept of a using a real estate team to sell your home has existed as a viable business model since the 1960s. The differences between an individual real estate agent, or even an entire real estate brokerage of individual agents, and a professional real estate team are compelling.

An individual agent works alone, and may use automated systems, to meet all of their client’s needs, including managing the marketing of their home, fielding questions about their home, helping to negotiate any contracts and coordinating the various parties involved in a transaction to work towards a closing.

A real estate team unites clients, agents, administrative staff and automated systems together to provide a vast array of services rapidly and with great attention to detail. A tight-knit, experienced team can provide you with high-quality, beneficial services that can bring real value to a transaction. The team will align its resources to work with you towards a common goal.


An Example From Realty Times

What would happen if airlines followed the same approach that most Realtors practice?  You would call the airline to book a flight, and the pilot would answer the phone.  When you arrive at the airport, the pilot would check you in, check your bags, follow you to the inspection point to make sure you weren’t trying to carry any prohibited items on the plane, and then escort you to the gate to make sure you boarded the right flight and secured a seat.

Prior to takeoff, the pilot would enter the cabin, show you how to buckle your safety belts, explain the emergency procedures, and tell us to turn off all of our electronic devices.  He would then slip into the cockpit and prepare for takeoff.  Once we were cruising along at the right altitude, the pilot would return to the cabin to pass out snacks and drinks and then collect out trash when we were finished.  I could go on, but you get the point: Having a pilot handle everything would be an incredibly inefficient system.  Yet, Realtors take this approach every day in their business.


An Excerpt from Trulia States that…

Real Estate teams are composed in many ways, but the basic components include the team leader, brokers who work with sellers, brokers who work with buyers, and brokers or non-licensed personnel who work in the office with specific details such has IT, social presence, transaction coordination and other functions necessary to assist those working with clients.

What does a team bring to clients? Ideally, a well run team provides the buyer or seller client with a ready contact anytime during business hours. The team has specialist you stay current with on all aspects of their specialty. Some buyers and sellers feel that they get more service when there are more team members, and because of that, their needs may be more readily met.


THE KIPER TEAM has employed all of the above concepts to help both buyers and sellers through the Real Estate Process.  Contact Us Today.

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